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Living your life through someone else’s eyes.

Living my adventures through the eye’s of others. It always fascinates me how others around the world live, how their lives, their troubles and struggles are so relatable.
I think when you live in your own little bubble it’s hard to imagine that anyone shares the same life as you, it’s hard to imagine anyone who would be remotely interested too.
The truth is, we can all relate to each other in some respect. We all want to live the life of someone else or at least partially.

How many of us look on Instagram and think “ I wish I lived that life, I wish I could do that? “

The truth is, we can do that but we choose not too. Maybe because our morals stop us from putting our own desires first. Some of the biggest factors that stop us from living out our dreams are responsibilities and commitments, that could be anything from family life, a job or relationships.

Life is too short to live it through someone else’s eyes, life is to be experienced by actually getting out into the world and doing what makes you happy.


I’ve recently discovered a guy on Instagram who documents his life through YouTube and that’s what got me thinking about life and how we can all relate in one way or another.

His life isn’t polished, he doesn’t just post the good in his life, he’s open and honest, humble and respectful. What he doesn’t realise though, through his struggles are people like me around the world who’d love the life he lives.

Life is about seeing the good in what you have and not what others have. I might be envious of how he and others live, but… He too will be envious of others as nobody is content with life, nobody’s life is complete, we’re always left wanting more.

We define our own future nobody else, if you want to be that person that studies everyday or the person that wakes up every morning to go to a dead-end job that you hate, well… that’s your life, you Choose that life BUT!

Photography By Vincent Gary

Photography By Vincent Gary

If you want to be that person who wants to say fuck Society and go against the grain and see life for what it really is, then you my friend is the person that will live the life that every other person dreams of living.

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.


Living the life that I want to live.

So, I’ve been feeling strange of late, feeling like my life is incomplete! Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy but when I actually sit down and think about my life, “am I truly happy” Or, am I just living the life that society expects me to live?

I’ve always done what is expected of me and I’ve always put others before myself but I think in doing that for all these years it’s starting to eat away at me.

I want to explore life, meet new people, travel and experience new cultures. I want to feel free and not trapped in the daily routine that I don’t particularly enjoy.

Is life really about a 9-5 job, bills, family and nice immaterial things that add no value to your life?

Am I just living the life that society expects me to live or can I break the mould and still enjoy those responsibilities while living the life that “I want to live

To me, life isn’t about working until you can’t work anymore and seeing out your last days without truly experiencing life.

Life is beautiful it’s an amazing gift but so many of us don’t get to live the life we want because we’re too busy living the life that we are expected to live by others while forgetting about our own happiness.
I love the outdoors and adventure and this is my starting point, I’m going to start small and bring some joy to my own life. I’m going to explore the unknown, my unknowns and see what the future holds.
Vincent Gary
Photography By Vincent Gary (Yorkshire UK)
It’s time to put me first, it’s time to live the life that I want to live and if I can be happy then maybe my happiness will be infectious to those around me and we can all find our own little place of happiness.

Photography always comparing yourself to others?

Photography, I love photography but I’m always left comparing myself to others. What really makes a good photographer? It’s like everyone has a camera and everyone is taking amazing photos and here I am thinking how can I become different to all the other photographers I see on Instagram?

To me, it’s like I’ve seen it all before therefore been unique is difficult? How many landscape photos do you have to see before you’ve seen them all? How many street photos do you have to flick through on Instagram before you find something unique?

DSCF4040 new-2

In a world where photography is competitive and photographers are enhancing images with the help of photoshop, I find myself rarely taken aback by an image.

Maybe I need to change my mindset and think of my own photography in a selfish way? But, then I question myself? Shouldn’t photography be for the masses and not for me personally?

DSCF4500 new

I’m currently in a hole with my photography and need motivating again to pick up the camera and just shoot and not think! I love photography of all genres and tend not to pigeonhole myself when it comes to photography but

Am I really losing interest because I compare myself with others too much?

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Id love to hear from other photographers on this topic, please if you have something to share please do.